Research articles on service quality and customer satisfaction

The data then are processed by SPSS. In this study, service quality was measured using 22 quantitative questions in which respondents were required to indicate the extent to which they agree or disagree with each statement by indicating the number that best describe their perceptions. help with academic writing process essay It also shows that you certainly feel pleased with the service at the point you can advocate for it. It concerns ability to provide appropriate information to customers when a problem occurs. The interior and exterior of BPR is visually appealing and spacious comfortability conditions, waiting queue chairs, audio-visual screen, public notice board, etc.

The researcher distributed questionnaires exceeding beyond the minimum sample size to avoid this situation. In total they are , customers for the five branches, 59, are taken as shareholders since BPR shifted from Cooperative bank to commercial bank in January According to their study, reliability was the most critical dimension, followed by responsiveness, assurance and empathy.

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Their responses were described using means as summarized in Table 5. It is well established that satisfied customers are key to long-term business success [ 3 ]. Research articles on service quality and customer satisfaction The study on service quality and customer satisfaction was conducted between January —September and it covered a historical period that ranges from up to date.

On the other hand, comparison based on positive word of mouth with service quality sub-variables like Reliability, Assurance, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness, revealed that there was no significant relationship between the variables. Loyalty involves a psychological bond to the service provider and means you are at a certain high degree of customer satisfaction and commitment. Research articles on service quality and customer satisfaction Gefan defined service quality as the subjective comparison that customers make between the quality of the service that they want to receive and what they actually get [ 2 ].

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Heterogeneity refers to the service performance are highly variable from one service transaction to another and one time to another since services depend on who provide them, when and where they are provided. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. write my report free google docs Perceived quality of service depends on the size and direction of Gap 5, which in turn depends on the nature of the gaps associated with marketing , design and delivery of services. Second, more accurate and precise responses are obtained because interviewer bias can be avoided.

The researcher would like to acknowledge the varied assistance of the following persons in the course of his research. The foremost findings were: To ensure that ethics was practiced in this study as well as utmost confidentiality for respondents and the data provided by them, the following was done: The third study objective was to determine the level of customer satisfaction in BPR.

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Cullen et al Quality in higher education: In general, service quality does influence customer satisfaction in BPR due to the fact that the significant value which is the main predictor of the correlation is less than 0. J Bus Fin Aff 6: In this subsection, the researcher makes conclusion of the study findings in relation to the study objectives set in chapter one. Research articles on service quality and customer satisfaction However, in general, it is agreed that customer satisfaction measurement is a postconsumption assessment by the user, about the products or services gained [ 3 ].

In regard to type of accounts held, or I will recommend my friends, relatives, associates, etc to open in an account and do business with BPR. The customers generally use certain criteria to evaluate service quality by examining reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and physical aspects. Research articles on service quality and customer satisfaction The research tool was non standardized hence validity and reliability test was done to arrive at a reasonable data measuring tool.

Unlike services, physical products are first produced, then sold and then consumed. Customers can gain a wealth of information about a bank simply by communicating with a friend, family member, or acquaintance. Research articles on service quality and customer satisfaction Cronin and Taylor originally hypothesized that satisfaction is an antecedent of service quality [ 14 ].

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