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The management should have an agreement with the employee and should make sure that this agreement is kept to. One of the rationales behind carrying out this study was because of the understanding that many employees and their organizations face challenges in trying to keep up with the constantly changing business environment, resulting from changes in the surrounding economic situations. help writing an essay english topics According to Ven n.

On the other hand, it is a different thing to make promises; it is another thing to keep them, only a little proportion of the participants agreed that the promises made by their organization have been kept far more than they expect Fig 4. Please choose the most appropriate. medical writing services zealandia Research Triangle Park, NC:

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This information was necessary for the researcher to gain an understanding of the background of the respondents and how this may have influenced their responses to the questionnaire, and later to the interviews. All this boils down to the importance of managing the existing psychological contract wisely. Psychological contract thesis pdf Interviews were used in this study as a major primary data source. Nonetheless, this same concept can still apply for other forms of relationship — between a husband and wife, or any other form of relationship.

How long have you worked for your organization? Some of the expectations of the respondents include such things as trust, fairness and equity; respect; pay and promotion; recognition; and job security. It is therefore expected that the expectations of the employees will be negatively affected due to the threat to their jobs.

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Sims further notes that psychological contracts in modern times have restricted the opportunity for progress and employees are becoming aware that job security can no more be assured. According to Garger , the advantages of the case study approach over other approaches include: Interviews will therefore help in ascertaining these expectations and to determine the possible effects of a breach of the psychological contract. business letter writing help sample pdf Public civil servants in the country demand relatively larger expectations from their employers than workers in other sectors. It was also discovered that the rating of fairness and trust was above average in the organizations studied, meaning that the psychological contract in these organizations were well maintained.

The respondents were offered a position and they were to signify their extent of agreement and the rating is also used in which the relevance of a particular attribute is rated. I expect to be promoted to the next level as at when due. research paper service topics education in the philippines The data collected in this questionnaire is strictly confidential and the information would be used for statistical purposes only.

The salary for the kind of job I wanted was stated in the vacancy advert which I saw before I applied, and from what my colleagues and other people had been saying, I knew I would get promoted after every three years of good service. Rousseau and Louis agree that employees initially have high expectations towards the employer and have an optimistic view of the work relationship. academic essay writing examples pdf Coyle-Shapiro et al argue that there are theoretical limitations and issues of practical implementation that necessitates the need for a broader approach to the theoretical perspectives that form the basis of the construction and management of the psychological contract.

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Wright further notes that organizational goal specificity, goal conflict and procedural constraints which are the work context variables, may be important in the understanding of employee work motivation. The following recommendations are therefore necessary based on the outcome of this research: Researchers have identified that there has been a shift from a relational contract which focuses on long-term job security, trust and organizational loyalty to a transactional contract which emphasizes the physical monetizable aspects of the relationship such as pay rewards Hiltrop And they also expect to deliver loyalty, commitment and dedication to their jobs.

The respondents were picked based on their employment or their administrative role at the establishments. Different authors have observed a change in the concept over time and have agreed that there have been a negative shift in psychologicalcontracts. Psychological contract thesis pdf The questions are designed to ascertain the nature of the psychological contract in the public sector and how it is being managed. According to Sapsford and Jupp Owing to the peculiarities of the psychological contract, companies do not however realize they are committing a violation of an important though unwritten social contract between them and their workers and they are not aware of the result of this violation Yankelovich

Rousseau, D , Two ways to change and keep the psychological contract: Human Resource Management, 33 3 , Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor Do you trust the senior management of your organization to look after your best interests? Garger, J , Using the case study in PhD research, available on http:

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