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Here are 10 good examples: Seeing as Judaism, Christianity and Islam all stem from the same Abrahamic religion, and therefore they all technically worship the same god, are there enough differences between them to keep them opposed? Feedback This resource changes all old-fashioned cliches and boring techniques into new and original ways of writing. While both wind turbines and solar panels have their own shortcomings, both offer a number of advantages over traditional energy sources.

Here are some examples of evaluative thesis statements: With Richard Dawkins and others promoting atheism these days, there are many atheists who have uncanny similarities with Christian preachers. Determine when to use an explanatory thesis or an evaluative thesis for a compare and contrast essay. custom writing dissertation jobs Although both the Summer and Winter Olympics offer viewers impressive feats of speed and strength, the winter games are superior in many respects.

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Being objective, or displaying no tendency toward a preference, is the opposite of showing bias. Knowing how to craft effective thesis statements for both situations is critical in both college and a career. Help with thesis statements in compare and contrast essays Why is this important to me or my reader? This prompt requires an explanatory thesis because it requires the writer to determine the similarities and differences between the two without making a judgment call.

With so many obelisks placed in major cities around the world, are there enough similarities in their placement to give weight to ancient ley line theories? While there are some differences, the parallels between the Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters, despite the twenty-five years between them, suggest that humans still have a great deal to learn about controlling the awesome force they have created. In a compare and contrast essay, you can develop either an explanatory or evaluative thesis statement A brief statement that identifies a writer's thoughts, opinions, or conclusions about a topic.

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Some would argue that the Civil War was a war for freedom from government, but those who sought freedom for individuals knew which was the more fundamental right. Assignments, sometimes called prompts Instructions for a writing assignment given by an instructor. help to do a research paper today Compare the influence of Wordsworth to the influence of Coleridge during the Romantic age of poetry.

In all of these cases, an effective thesis statement is the foundation of your writing. In college, you will no doubt have many assignments of both types, whether you are comparing two theories, two processes, or two characters. essay writing cheap and topics for interview Here are some examples of explanatory thesis statements:

Batman, despite having no native, genetic super-abilities, would defeat Superman if the two ever battled. Develop an evaluative thesis. college term paper help tuition planning While both running and walking offer undeniable health benefits, a walking regimen is more appropriate for a sixty-year-old patient who is returning to exercising after a relatively sedentary life. When comparing and contrasting the Republicans and Democrats, it seems as though they have so much more in common than not.

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It might be more interesting for the reader to learn about the many ways that they are the same. While this may sound like it is leading to an evaluative essay because the writer has included some of his or her own analysis To analyze is to make a thoughtful and detailed study of something. Help with thesis statements in compare and contrast essays Never thought writing can be so captivating!

This prompt requires an explanatory thesis because it requires you to compare the merits of the two; you do not need to decide which one is better. Here are 10 good examples: An explanatory thesis A statement that explains something without judgment. Help with thesis statements in compare and contrast essays The carbohydrate-free Paleo diet is all the rage, but studies show that a balanced diet that is rich in whole grains is healthier for your heart.

Although wind turbines and solar panels both create less greenhouse gasses than fossil fuels, solar panels are much more environmentally friendly. It is asking you to make a comparison and choose between the two options. Help with thesis statements in compare and contrast essays Explain the similarities and differences between the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters.

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